PTCL Highlights its Efforts to Enhance Customer Service and Satisfaction

“Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.” – Scott Cook.

Customer is the focus of all activities for a company because without a customer there is no business. Going the extra mile for customers has become the norm rather than being a special service to enhance the customer experience.

Today’s customer is aware and educated about their rights and privileges when it comes to expecting quality, value for money, convenience, 24/7 support and much more.

Customers are always looking for convenience when making a purchase, be it in a shopping mall that has good parking and easy access to all the brands, or online shopping through the click of a button and enjoying home delivery.

Companies are no longer fighting for shelf space on the market. The name of the game is now user experience and customer convenience. It’s safe to say that brands need to cater to customer expectations and give them a flawless customer experience.

This stands true for PTCL too, as it has a customer base all over Pakistan. Being the largest ICT company, customers expect quality services and offers from PTCL.

Through strategic partnerships, we have seen PTCL introducing innovative solutions and offerings for its customers across the country providing them a digital lifestyle.

One recent example is PTCL’s collaboration with Careem to offer discounts on rides to its customers. The objective of this campaign was to offer value and convenience to its customers.

Another instance is on the entertainment front where PTCL customers are enjoying stellar Netflix content through its seamless and high-speed internet connectivity. This offer enables customers to easily pay for their Netflix subscription through their monthly PTCL bills.

PTCL also collaborated with the leading e-commerce platform Daraz to provide discounts to its customers.

The digital era has provided us with numerous ways to create new channels with numerous potential ways a business can reach out to their customers.

  • I am using PTCL 25Mbps connection, satisfied with its speed and service. I was tired of the local ISP, then I moved to PTCL.

    I had a problem due to the cable issue that took more than a week to resolve, but it rarely happens.

    Location: Lahore Cantt, Gulberg 3

  • Fiberlink is giving 50mbps for 2500 and
    PTCL is giving 50mbps for 5000.

    Which one is better company u decide!

    • Not a fan of PTCL but Fiberlink makes PTCL look like the best ISP in the world. Fiberlink service is pathetic. A better use for your money would be to burn it instead of spending it on Fiberlink.

  • Well said Scott Cook. “Going the extra mile for customer has become the norm rather than being a special service to enhance the customer experience”. Thru strategic partnership we’ve seen PTCL introducing innovative solutions and offering its customers across the country providing a digital life style.
    “The digital era has provided us with numerous ways to create new channels with numerous potential way a business can reach out to their customers”.
    The above extract from your quote above, seek co-operation thru this media to provide FTTH/G-Pon services on registered PTCL 021-34931057 PTCL subscriber for upgradation for one year to accession of G-Pon to my area being unserved “not feasible”. The area feasible now served by PTA licensed Trans-World and I have access to FTTH-G-Pon at my Home/Office. May help PTCL accessio possibly to my premises already on FTTH-G-Pon could be arranged by negotiating a deal for the network access from Trans World to utilise by entering into an agreement/contract to mutual advantage of the companies. To collaborate/co-operate on last mile access. Im available on the number listed. Regards

  • took ages but I finally got PTCL GPON which is their fiber to the home internet. 50 Mbps works like a dream. Nayatel has been acting up since ages dunno what their issue is. PTCL is late to the party but their gpon service is definitely worth considering.

  • We have number in our office 048-3220901. We didn’t activate Netflix on our number, Despite our several emails and reminders against NETFLIX de-activation since several months. We are still being charged with VAS.

    PTCL is activating this service on numbers without any intimation and even you request them to discontinue the service, they sent you the bill on regular basis. A source of revenue.

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