Prince DFSK Raises the Price for Glory 580T SUV

Multiple car companies have increased the prices of their models in the past few weeks with DFSK being the recent one to do it. They have raised the price of their SUV, Glory 580T. The new price is Rs. 3,750,000 (ex-factory).

It is pertinent to point out that the price will come into effect from 15th November, 2019 with the price being hiked by Rs. 100,000, up from Rs. 3,650,000. Furthermore, all previous orders will be charged at the old price of Rs. 3,650,000 and even the purchase orders of banks received before November 20, 2019, will also be priced at the old price. This cost is exclusive of transportation and transit insurance costs.

The company has stated that this increase in price is due to multiple factors including fiscal and import policies, tariff regulations, governmental levies, and the exchange rate but unfortunately they will be transferred to consumers. Also, the new prices are provisional with dealer commissions remaining unchanged.

DFSK made a debut in the SUV market by launching the front-wheel-drive Glory 580T SUV boasting a 1.5L engine with a CVT gearbox.

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