Social Media Reacts to Dr. Hafeez Sheikh’s Tomato Price Blunder

The Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, believes that the tomatoes are being sold at Rs. 17 per kilogram in Karachi.

He made this ‘revelation’ while responding to a media reporter’s question about uncontrollable prices of tomatoes which are being sold for as much as Rs. 300 per kg.

Apparently, the elite class of the country is so unaware of a common man’s problems that they don’t even know about the price of essentials. This is probably why the inflation in the county has not been effectively curbed.

After such comments on inflation, it attracted widespread criticism and trolls on social media.

A Twitter user was so furious that he suggested replacing Dr. Hafeez in ‘haandi’ with tomatoes.

Many people were surprised and asked him which vegetable market does he go for shopping?

Some even thought that he meant 17 dollars instead.

A Twitter user inquired when was the last time he went out to buy tomatoes?

The opposition found it just the right time to score a boundary. And so did Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari.

Some believed tomatoes were somehow linked with the economic conditions of the country.

  • Sochtay thy k Tamator
    na milay to mar jain gay


    Kamaal ka wehm tha !!!
    “BUKHAAR” tk nai hua.

  • He is a minister. He is not Greengrocers. You should ask him about the economy and suggestions about how to improve our economy. I think our media and our politics has become one of the dirtiest sector of the country.

  • جس شخص کو ضروریات زندگی کی الف ب کا پتہ نہیں، اسے اٹھا کے منسٹر بنا دیا، وہ بھی زبردستی۔

    اٹھا کر پھینک دو باہر گلی میں
    نئی تہذیب کے انڈے ہیں گندے

    الکشن ممبری کونسل صدارت
    بنائے خوب آزادی نے پھندے

    میاں نجار بھی چھیلے گئے ساتھ
    نہایت تیز ہیں یورپ کے رندے

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