Pakistan Navy and Anti Narcotics Force Capture Drugs Worth Rs. 2.4 Billion

Pakistan Navy, Anti-Narcotics Force, and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) have seized a massive consignment of narcotics during a joint operation.

The security forces have confiscated 241 kilograms of heroin and 2 kilograms of hashish from Jiwani, Balochistan. The combined value of the confiscated narcotics is estimated to be Rs 2.410 billion in the international market.

Anti-Narcotics Force has seized the narcotics to initiate legal proceedings.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency continues to maintain patrol the country’s maritime boundaries. PMSA has numerous ships and aircrafts capable of monitoring any illegal activity along the coastal belt and adjoining areas.

According to the spokesperson, Pakistan Navy and PMSA are constantly monitoring the maritime boundaries of the country.

Pakistan Navy and PMSA are resolved to conduct more anti-narcotic operations while ensuring peace and order at sea.

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