Vaping Related Health Issues On The Rise in Pakistan: Report

The consumption of electronic cigarettes is rising around the world with more and more people switching to vaping from regular cigarettes.

However, recent studies have shown vaping has serious health hazards as it affects the mouth and lungs. So far, thirty-seven deaths have been reported in the US due to vaping. This is probably why electronic cigarettes have been banned in 12 US states.

While health experts are researching the causes of the damage, experts in Pakistan believe that vaping is more life-threatening than regular cigarettes. Ironically, many youngsters switch to them from cigarettes as it doesn’t have tar or nicotine.

Though Pakistan has the highest ratio of smokers among the South Asian countries, these numbers do not represent vape users in the country. Regardless, the use of e-cigarettes is on the rise in metropolises like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Dr. Khawar Ahmed, a dental surgeon in Islamabad says that most of the vaping patients he has dealt with suffer from mouth ulcers and severe throat infections that can turn cancerous any minute.

The government officials are also aware of the threat and are taking it seriously.

Dr. Nausheen Ahmed, the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, told an international news outlet that the country is going to initiate its own study to ascertain the problems caused by vaping. She says,

You see, smoking is injurious to human health, be it regular or e-cigarettes. We are also launching a study into it so that we know the extent of the damage it causes. We will also bring legislation by the end of November.

  • If lies and misinformation had a face,it would be the face of this article. I have read lots of pathetic articles like that but this one takes the cake for the article containing most lies and baseless claims. No study shown,no proof given,in fact ignored everything that is truth and just included utter lies and misinformation.

    Anyone who says that e-cigarettes are more dangerous than cigarettes should not be taken seriously by anyone at all,a person like that should be banned from writing anything.

    Vaping is 95% safer than smoking according to uk health service and royal college of physicians,and as a vaper I can confirm vaping is the best alternative to smoking with only the 5% of the risk of a cigarette. My health has never been better after I quit smoking and started vaping. Not a single problem with vaping.

    What happened in usa has nothing to do with e-cigarettes and everything to do with illegal thc cartridges bought from the black market,not a single person has reported any serious health issue with the use of nicotine containing eliquids.people in usa died because they chose to use cannabis/thc cartridges obtained from black market.

    Uk govt is actively encouraging people to quit smoking and shift to vaping and here we are destroying this perfect oppertunity to bring an end to tobacco by spreading lies and misinformation.

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  • Seems like a paid article by big tobacco. All the issues reported in US are from vaping off the market THC. Not a single issue by any regulated nicotine liquid

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