Arrested Serial Rapist Was Supplying Kids to Rich Clients, Father Boasts of Connections in Army

You might have heard the story of Sohail Ayaz’s arrest by now. He’s the serial pedophile who raped over 30 children and had been employed by the KP government and the World Bank despite repeated similar offenses in other countries.

According to some reports, he was working with the World Bank and KP’s Governance and Policy Project, however, Information Minister, Shoukat Yousafzai has denied the claim.

He was earlier deported from Italy and Britain after serving jail time due to sexual assault cases against kids.

In another shocking revelation, Sohail was also involved in supplying children to rich clients with strong connections for their sexual pleasures.

This has been attributed as one of the reasons why a serial rapist was living a respectable life in Pakistan. Sohail’s father has also come forward with claims of having links in the Pakistan Army, saying that he would fight his son’s case until he gets justice for him.

How can I leave him alone? I am his father.

He also boasted of having more than a dozen high-profile Army officers in his family, saying that his son’s face shouldn’t have been shown on television as it has damaged his reputation badly.

Sohail Ayaz was recently arrested in Rawalpindi on charges of raping more than 30 children.

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Feature Writer

  • The best thing that has happened is to show the face of this detestable animal. The father should be hanged upside down first before his son for supporting the criminal and trying to involve army in it. Unfortunately as per Pakistan’s recorded history the case will soon disappear into nothingness. Hope I/m proved wrong.

  • Dr Shahid Masood Told Chief Justice of that time regarding Zainab Case and Deep Dark Web activity but Mafia Power is more then Justice

  • This means the father should be tried for his son’s crimes too. After convictions and deportation from 2 different countries there’s no way the father was unaware of his son’s activities. Despite that he continues to not only defend his son but is struggling to set him free so he can abuse children again. Send the father to jail too.

  • Assalaam-O- Alaikum.
    If Sohail is found guilty of this dirty crime then he should be given an exampalry punishment so that it should be a lesson for him and also to others.

  • Mark my words, He will be given clean chit. Propaganda would be started stating he was maligned by ‘vested’ interests. WAIT AND WATCH.

  • Pehle to isse torture kr k saare rich clients ki details nikalwae, So that they can be brought to justice as well…. After that he should be hanged in public.

  • I think both father and son should be beaten to death in public. And those who he is supplying so no one ever try to do this again.

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