NADRA Will Only Serve Women on Fridays

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National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has decided to reserve every Friday for women.

Each Friday, NADRA officials will only issue CNIC cards to women.

The people have appreciated NADRA’s initiative with Some saying that this empowers women in the country. Others suggest that women will more actively participate in the electoral process because of this measure.

This is 1 out of 64 new programs launched for the welfare of Pakistanis, according to a comprehensive report submitted to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered all Ministers, Special Assistants, and Advisors, to submit a detailed report of all the programs and initiatives started thus far.

Besides, PM Imran Khan has ordered to speed up the inquiry about the officers’ misconduct in complaint resolution on Pakistan Citizen Portal application.

Some of the officers had been accused of disposing of complaints without proper inquiry. The officers did not document any evidence while solving the complaints and were not replying to them on time.

  • how will this help anyone? they can have separate counters but the entire office?
    so if a family goes there the male members wont be able to go anything done?
    While the world is busy improving the efficiencies this county is going the opposite way.

  • Nadra’s complaint system needs improvement as well. They should ask every customer about their experience with their respective counter and agent.

    • There is no competition so there’s no pressure to improve. Why they charge Rs. 10 for a database lookup from companies that want to verify CNICs?

      In india they opened up the ID system with an API so companies can freely query the system but in Pakistan they prefer to put up barriers whereever possible!

  • So basically women will get preferential treatment only on 5 days of week and the sixth day is reserved for them only. I wonder when someone will raise voice about gender based discrimination against men in this country. You go to any event, if you are men, you are not allowed without a women but if you are women then no problem.

  • Which day of the week is declared men’s only day at NADRA? If none, this stupidity should be scrapped forthwith since it is gender discrimination.

    Men are increasingly the target of gender discrimination under the guise of equality. True equality is about providing equal opportunities to everyone regardless of gender, not about giving preferential access and quotas for female gender only.

    Such inequality breaks down the social fabric and gives way to state sponsored and enforced injustices through the legal, financial, social and socio-economic avenues by violating the basic rights of one particular gender under the guise of false equality.

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