Yamaha YB-125Z Gets Major Performance-Related Upgrades

Yamaha took the local automotive industry with storm after it introduced its YBR and YB-Z motorbikes fitted with a global gear shift pattern.

Following this trend the company has introduced the latest model of its YB125Z that has a “All Down Shift Gear Pattern”. While the shift pattern seems familiar to local riders, the company has said it is far better than the options available in the market because of its smoothness.

Aside from this, it boasts multiple features including a braking system with good balance. It is powered by a Low-loss SOHC engine meaning that it is fuel efficient and will help cut costs coupled with a carburetor designed for such measures.

The company has stated that the bike has been designed to provide a comfortable ride that minimizes vibration during traveling and even takes into account the passengers with a long and wide seat.

The YB125Z has a price-tag of PKR 136,500.

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  • well done a very excellent introducing by Yamaha Company on this successful event we wish you all heartily congratulation to all manufacturing team sweet God success your company in marketing our all sweet prayers are with you all ameen

  • YBZ 125 model 2020 needs improvement in brakes or maybe the rear tyre has lower road grip. Secondly the shock absorbers are little harder for Pakistan’s road conditions.

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