Ufone, PTCL Announce Major Restructuring

PTCL and Ufone are working on merging their businesses for long, however, due to design and operations of both the operators, the process has remained very gradual.

In a new development, announced just now, both the companies have further merged their sales and distribution, marketing, product and pricing, business operations and corporate strategy functions.

According to details available with ProPakistani, these departments for both the companies will merge and will be managed by single heads.

According to sources, below are department wise new appointments announced by PTCL group:

Sales & Distribution

Retail Sales functions of both PTCL & Ufone have been consolidated under the newly created position of Group Chief Sales Officer (GCSO), reporting to President and CEO.

Mr. Jahanzeb Taj, currently working as CBOO, is placed on this new position.

Marketing and Product & Pricing

Marketing and Product & Pricing functions of both PTCL & Ufone have been merged under Group Chief Marketing Officer (GCMO) position, reporting to President and CEO.

Mr. Adnan Anjum, currently working as Chief Marking Officer (Ufone), is placed on this new position.

It maybe recalled, he was recently made the CMO of Ufone, due to his contribution towards company’s positive growth during past couple of years.

Business Operations

Mr. Shehzad Yousuf, currently working as Chief Internal Auditor (CIA), will now be heading Business Operations function of PTCL as Chief Business Operations Officer (CBOO), reporting to President and CEO.

Corporate Strategy

Mr. Moqeem Ul Haque, Chief Commercial Officer, would continue to manage the overall customer experience verticals of PTCL including revenue collection, customer care and churn management functions.

In addition to this, he would drive the PTCL Group strategy as Group Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Internal Audit

Mr. Shahid Abbas, currently working as GM Audit, will be heading the position of Group Chief Internal Auditor (CIA) on acting charge basis, reporting to President CEO and Audit Committee.

It maybe recalled that PTCL and Ufone had already merged Finance, Procurement, Strategy and Internal Audit over a period of few years.

However, today’s developments are considered widest in the scope till date.

PTCL is saying that previously merged departments have shown significant improvement in terms of productivity. Group is hoping to continue the streak with rest of the functions that are merged today.

Not to mention, these organizational changes and placements are put in place as interim arrangement and will be locked after certain period of time.

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  • I think they are late in making such decision. PTCL have its transmission and IP backbone in hook and corner of country but still ufone on 3G only. If they did it 5 years ago. today ufone will be better in position.

    • That’s because faster mobile internet is a threat to wired broadband connections. They have to protect their entrenched interests in that area. It’s like how digital cameras put kodak out of business even though kodak developed some of the first digital cameras. They never commercialized that tech properly because it would eat into their film processing business. Eventually other companies ate their lunch!

      PTCL needs to stick to one job only. It needs to become a wholesale seller of bandwidth to the mobile operators. Everything consumer facing needs to go. It’s all a drag on their business.

      • mobile internet is not a replacement for broadband. your digital camera disruption analogy does not apply. Furthermore, PTCL is already a seller of bandwidth to majority of the operators in Pakistan. Lastly, consumer facing products dont need to go, PTCL is the largest ISP in Pakistan and that wont be changing anytime soon.

      • PTCL is big organisation and do business in wireline, wireless and lease media.PTCL can not survive just on lease media. Look at wateen. PTCL is our national backbone. In current scenario ufone could not survive alone. Again i beleive biggest advantage to ufone is ptcl txn back bone. Draw back with ufone is spectrum and coverage. If these bottle necks have been removed. No one can compete with ufone.

      • Wasn’t it better that Ufone wireless (3G+4G) had eaten some of PTCL’s market share than letting competitors of Ufone grab PTCL’s share???
        I guess very very bad decision by strategy teams of both ufone & PTCL.

  • “Mr. Shehzad Yousuf, currently working as Chief Internal Auditor (CIA), will now be heading Business Operations function of PTCL as Chief Business Operations Officer (CBOO), reporting to President and CEO.”

    This will be a disaster decision. This is the same as placing Ishaq Dar Chartered Accountant as head of country’s business and finance operations. And remember what happened then?

  • Anything that has to do something with Govt. of PK should not be touched or talked about. Not to mention never use them.

  • Good selection overall! hopefully the new team can improve things quickly. At least the culture will improve, similar to ufone

  • Ufone, ap best thay but ap k ajeeb qisam k officer apko le k beth gaey. Kbhi customer ko kuch diya apne? Sirf SMS pkg aur TV ads? Plz c the incentives of other 3 companies. U was first in Public, but now no where. Gv something to user. It will boom u.

  • They also need make severe changes in their area exchanges where the staff doesn’t give a shit about customer service.

  • PTCL still and will remain an analog “drop wire” company with “Dis.” and “short”,….Char ‘G’ the worst thing to happen in the Spectrum history of ITU member administrations. Fantastic technology to upgradation with patents only with PTCL for upgradation of 3G to 4G installation is to say Char G.
    The FTTH recommended by the UN/ITU for SDG targets for Pakistan is a big ?
    Majority subscribers are “drop wire”95% on wired, and Char G on wireless?
    PTCL AGM current is also visited by the UN/ITU to evaluate Char G.

  • Good move.
    Hope, with this latest development PTCL will become the first choice of the audience as Ufone has.

  • Der aaye durust aaye
    A wise decision and l think with these changes PTCL can be a fastest growing brand in near future and people will trust on it as they trust on Ufone and their serives

  • Ufone is best in all departments including customer services, offers, connectivity etc and now PTCL can be.

  • Merging both the companies marketing and operation will be helpful for PTCL mainly as they lack the skills of making PTCL first choice of customers.

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