Here Are the Best Mobile Apps of 2019

Google is awarding the best performing apps and games as part of its year-end celebration for 2019. The awards highlighted a plethora of applications including video editing apps, media gallery apps, fitness apps, music apps, and many more.

Here are the top 5 on the list.

Glitch Video Effects

Glitch Video Effects received the crown for the best performing app of 2019. This is because the video editor app features a ton of editing and filtering options that help produce gorgeous social media posts, all for free.

Users can trim and clip any part of their videos, change aspect ratios, import their own music, and put all sorts of filters and effects on top of the clip.

It is currently rated at 4.6 stars with over a million downloads.



Ablo is currently one of the best apps to facilitate communication all across the globe no matter what the language. Users can read, write, and talk in their own language and the app will translate everything in real-time whether it be video calls or texts.

However, it is only limited to one on one conversations but users can chat with several different contacts at the same time.

It has now reached more than 1 million downloads with a 4.3-star rating.


ActionDash is based on the Digital Wellbeing feature that comes with stock android and some custom android skins. It helps minimize screen time by limiting app use and blocking apps during important daily tasks.

It also has a usage assistant with an ever-present notification that shows live data usage statistics so users can keep track at all times.

It currently has over 500k downloads and a 4.1-star rating.

Appy Weather

This weather app stands out from the crowd due to its minimalism and simplicity. Instead of scrolling through endless rows and graphs of information, Appy Weather keeps everything simple and straightforward in a way that feels personal.

It welcomes users with greeting messages and explains the weather in just a few lines without using tons of graphics.

Made by the award-winning developer, Third Culture Apps, Appy Weather has secured a 4.1-star rating with 10k+ downloads.

Big Bang AR

Big Bang AR lets you observe the universe in the palm of your hands. Users can journey through the birth of the universe and observe all the evolution it has been through while being able to look around at all angles.

Watch how the first particles and atoms came to be, how stars explode into a supernova, explore our solar system at present, and much more.

The app holds a rating of 4.3 stars with 50,000+ downloads.