PIA Passengers Get a Unique Option to Upgrade from Economy Class During a Flight

Changing seats while onboard a flight is usually not an option that most airlines offer. When a passenger does not feel comfortable, has legroom issues, or gets a cranky neighbor there’s no option.

However, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has introduced a solution to this problem.

The national flag carrier has added an inflight upgrade option just recently. As per the offer, Economy passengers can upgrade themselves to Executive Economy or Business Class after paying a nominal fee to PIA’s cabin crew.

Talk about convenience! Now get yourself upgraded to business or executive economy class inflight just by paying a nominal fee to our crew. Awesome, right?.

Previously, the facility was only available at the ticket counter, and the passengers were asked to pay the price difference.

The new PIA management has been dedicatedly working to boost the airline’s revenue and has been quite successful so far. As per the latest reports, PIA’s revenue in 2019 has jumped 41 percent as compared to last year.

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