Pakistan Second-Last in World’s Most Reputable Countries’ List

A US-based data and insights company has ranked Pakistan below India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria in the list of ‘world’s most reputable countries.’

A recently released data-driven study by Reputation Institute has compiled a list comprising of 54 countries, and placed Pakistan second-last in the list, at 53rd spot, just one above Iran (the last) and one beneath Saudi Arabia (third last).

The rankings are based on the countries’ tourism, economy, people’s behavior, exports, and investments. According to the list, Russia is at 51st among the most reputable countries in the world, one place below Nigeria.

Turkey, with a $30 billion tourism industry, is in 44th place, while China, with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, is at 45. However, India, declared as the most dangerous country for women, is ranked in the 37th position.

This is how the chief operating officer at the Reputation Institute, explains their listing:

Reputation determines whether people support a country through their behaviors. A good reputation means more exports, more investments, and more people coming to visit.

While South Korea is on the 31st and Indonesia on 33rd, the United States is ranked beneath them at the 36th spot.

The detailed report appeared on the Forbes magazine, which can be read here.

      • India has held hostages 8 million people at the gunpoint in Kashmir. Minorities including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs are being lynched in India. India is also involved in fanning terrorism in Pakistan.

        • Yeah but india didn’t attack the west and besides no one cares about Muslims. The west decides who is reputable and who is not because they control money flows and the global media. And according to them India has a lucrative market ripe for exploitation so no one dare say anything against that country.

  • lmao. this report doesn’t matter. the countries who depend on black money of other countries stand on top. wow.

    Germans must be on top

  • It is a table story based on drawing room and has nothing to do with reality. The questions are tailored with specific mindset. The country which is notorious as the rape capital of the world is above Pakistan and the stashing corrupt money of the world is on the top of the list.

  • Perception based on what happened in the region for last 25 years so probably its skewed. Country is on the rise sharply at the moment.

  • Glorious Quran openly burned in Norway, and that country is at 3rd no. in world reputation. What a joke. This list is biased. I agree that Pakistanis are not 100% perfect angles but still better than American, Indian and Israeli terrorists.

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  • A well deserving position, but I wonder how they managed one above the last, must be proud of that.

  • I was not expecting a post like this from propakistani. You do not seem to be pro-pakistani rather anti-pakistani.

    You should focus on articles which bring positive feelings for Pakistan.

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  • Norway? lol on nmbr 3….? 3 months in Kashmir n India is on 37….jailed ppl in thr houses n is reputable…it shld nt b on the list. Actually the list shld read NOT reputable for countries like india n norway. hypocrites sorted the list.

  • No issue guys. We are watching such surveys since child hood. Norway is no 1 where movie De Vunici Code was banned. India is in better position after killing Kashmiris in thousands, and being declared rape capital of the world, recently USA and UK had asked their women not to visit India.
    To Indians who mock us and our prophet may peace be upon him. Listen to ur countrymen and Sikhs returning from kartarpur gorodawara .

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  • Very biased survey, Turkey, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore are at the Top. Just back from Istanbul, a wonderful city with lots of historical amazing places.

  • It’s fake index and showing India in top rank because they are their puppets nothing else and ground reality in India is totally different ?? taba d ???

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