Sony’s Unveils New Phone Camera Lens That Takes Image Quality & Autofocus to the Next Level

Sony has always been known for making incredible Smartphone camera sensors, which is why a vast majority of companies feature Sony’s sensors in their smartphones.

The Japanese tech giant has now developed a new image sensor tech that will boost its camera quality even further.

Known as the 2×2 On-Chip Lens (OCL), this technology will bring high-speed focus, higher resolution, better dynamic range, and less camera shake.

Currently, an “on-chip” lens, otherwise known as a condenser lens, is placed on top of an image sensor pixel and each pixel has its own lens. However, Sony has developed a way for four adjacent pixels with the same color to share a lens.

The biggest improvement the 2×2 On-Chip Lens (OCL) brings is in autofocus, especially in the dark. Current autofocus technology is confined to very limited space for autofocus, as opposed to Sony’s new image sensor that has much better coverage. This is because all pixels in the 2×2 OCL can be used as part of the autofocus system.

Sony claims that the 2×2 OCL will be better at capturing light, has higher frame rate clips, improved image stabilization, and dynamic range, and will help produce thinner cameras overall thanks to a reduced optical size.

The company hasn’t revealed when this new technology will make its way into Smartphones but it won’t take long.

Via Sony