This is Our Best Look At the Playstation 5 So Far

Since August this year, design renders of the upcoming Sony Gaming Console, the PlayStation 5, have been making rounds on the internet. The most recent renders surfaced on the ResetEra forums. A user under the username ‘ChrimsonNocturne’ is making these renders and uploading them on the forum.

It is not clear what inspired the design of these renders but they look very much like the PlayStation 4 except for the huge vents on the sides. The design renders stray from the V-shaped PS5 renders recently uploaded by LetsGoDigital. Even though the vents on the sides are pretty huge, they make sense considering that the semi-custom AMD chips will need all the cooling they can get.

As compared to the LetsGoDigital’s renders, these look more realistic and close to what Sony would release, however, we never know since the recently released Dev kits looked very much like the renders by LetsGoDigital.

Moreover, As compared to the PC-like Xbox Series X design recently unveiled at the Game awards 2019, this PS5 render gives more gaming console like vibes. Even when standing up.

These renders are in no way a confirmation of the final PS5 design. They have been constructed purely on the basis of speculation.

Promising 4k and 120 FPS, and with games like Godfall and Hellblade 2 already announced, the next generation is just around the corner and is shaping up to be very exciting.

Image Source: TweakTown