Rolls-Royce Unveils One-Seater Electric Plane [Video]

British aero-engineering company Rolls-Royce has released the first look of its one-seater electric aircraft. The company is hopeful that the plane will take its first flight in spring next year.

With blue trims on a pearl-white body, the plane has a bulging neck where its electric motor is fitted behind the propeller on its pointed nose.

The aircraft, named ‘ACCEL,’ will have a power-dense battery that will be enough to fly 200 miles (the distance between London and Paris), on a single charge.


World’s First Commercial Electric Airplane Completes Test Flight

Building with its partners YASA, Electroflight, and others, Rolls-Royce is optimistic that the plane will be the fastest in its class, reaching over 300 miles per hour.

As per the company statement, its engineers are finalizing the electrical propulsion system, which will be integrated into the airframe in the next few months, making it ready to take the maiden flight in late spring 2020, somewhere in the Welsh countryside.


Boeing to Halt The Production of 737 Max Aircraft Next Month

Earlier this month, a Canadian manufacturer tested its first electric aircraft, which crash-landed in Norway after flying for 15 minutes.

Reports state that airplane manufacturers Boeing and Airbus are also working on electric planes but have not reported any success so far.