Critical Vulnerability in Twitter Could Let Hackers Take Over Your Phone

Twitter, on its privacy blog, recently published an announcement cum apology for a critical vulnerability that the platform found in its Android App. The social media platform has always been very fast at fixing privacy-related issues. This time was no different, the vulnerability has been tackled before the post was published.

According to twitter, the vulnerability allowed a hacker to take control of the user’s account by inserting malicious code into the restricted storage areas of the smartphone’s application. The process is pretty complicated but is not impossible and the company does not know if someone took advantage of the vulnerability.

However, Twitter has taken steps to resolve the issue and has sent the potential victims a notification either through the application or via their registered email addresses. The notification includes a set of instructions that vary from user to user based on the version of Android and the version of the application they have installed.

If you are a Twitter for Android user and have not received a notification, you are probably safe. However, if you still want to take precautions, update the application to its latest version. As for iOS users, they are safe since according to twitter, the vulnerability has not affected Twitter for iOS.

In the post, twitter writes:

We’re sorry this happened and will keep working to keep your information secure on Twitter.

In case you want to know more about the security of your account, you can submit a request via this form.