NDRMF & Govt. of AJK Partner to Decrease Landslides in The Region

The National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) has signed a Tripartite Grant Implementation Agreement with the Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), for extending grant financing up to Rs. 432.56 million to mitigate landslide risks in different districts of the Poonch Division.

The signing ceremony was held at NDRMF Office at Islamabad.

The Tripartite Grant Implementation Agreement was signed between Khurram Khaliq Khan General Manager, Projects & Operations Group NDRMF, Ghulam Bashir Mughal, Secretary Communication and Works (C&W) Department Government of AJK, and Dr. Syed Asif Hussain, Additional Chief Secretary Planning and Development (P&D) Department Government of AJK.

The project is designed to mitigate landslide risks on major roads of AJK in different districts of the Poonch Division besides providing an uninterrupted flow of traffic, a safe journey for the users and strengthening tourism activities in AJK.

According to the details, the duration of the project is 22 months with various objectives including:

  • Decreasing vulnerability to landslides.
  • Securing land (agriculture/non-agriculture).
  • Sustain communication between adjoining areas.
  • Providing access to services, food transport and livelihood for income generation.
  • Secure government and private properties, including land, machinery, and forests against landslides.

The total cost of the project is Rs. 619.91 million with NDRMF financing 69.77%, (Rs. 432.56 million) whereas AJK will contribute 30.23% (Rs. 187.36 million). The project will help protect 331,563 individuals vulnerable to landslides, in addition, 12.29 hectares of land (agriculture/non-agriculture) will be stabilized. The proposed interventions are in line with the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP).

Earlier, NDRMF has also partnered with various government and non-government entities for extending grant financing to their projects focusing on disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

NDRMF is committed to reducing the socioeconomic and fiscal vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change by financing investments in disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

All projects financed by NDRMF have undergone a merit-based and transparent selection process in accordance with a pre-set criteria, promoting gender equality and ensuring environmental and social safeguards.