Here is How Much Honda Increased Car Prices in 2019

This article is the third and final part of our series that has looked into the overall price hikes observed in all models of the big three auto companies in Pakistan –Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda.

In this one, we will be looking at the price changes in the cars produced by Honda as the year progressed. Interestingly, Honda produces the least number of models when compared to Suzuki and Toyota, and lags behind in sales numbers as well. With the company seeing a fall of 46% in sales on a year-on-year basis.

Over this year, the price of the base-model Civic went from Rs. 2,809,000 to Rs. 3,499,000, indicating an increase of Rs. 690,000. In the case of the higher-end variant, the price was increased by Rs. 790,000 and is currently priced at Rs. 3,749,000. The same is the case for the Honda City, which saw the price of its base variant go from Rs. 1,854,000 to Rs. 2,309,000.

You can see the changes in the prices below:

Model Price at the Start of the Year Price at the End of the Year Increase in Price during Jan-Dec 2019
Honda Civic 1.8L i-VTEC CVT 2,809,000 3,499,000 690,000
Honda Civic Oriel 1.8L i-VTEC CVT 2,959,000 3,749,000 790,000
Honda City 1.3L MT 1,854,000 2,309,000 455,000
Honda City 1.3L AT 1,994,000 2,489,000 495,000
Honda City 1.5L MT 1,914,000 2,369,000 455,000
Honda City 1.5L AT 2,054,000 2,539,000 485,000
Honda City 1.5L Aspire MT 2,064,000 2,539,000 475,000
Honda City 1.5L Aspire AT 2,204,000 2,699,000 495,000
BR-V MT 2,234,000 2,899,000 665,000
BR-V CVT 2,384,000 3,099,000 715,000
BR-V S CVT 2,484,000 3,249,000 765,000


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  • Well, Imran Khan is driving, and he don’t know how to use “Break”
    Break to inflation.

  • Well, Imran Khan is driving, and he don’t know how to use “Break”
    Break to inflation.

  • One would think that the price increase would be the same for all vehicles. After all, they are of the same category in terms of importing them.

  • 1) Why are only HONDA, TOYOTA and SUZUKI cars available in Pakistan? Why are HYUNDAI, KIA, NISSAN, MAZDA, RENAULT, etc cars not available for sale? Surely, more competition and cheaper cars from other manufacturers will be better for everyone.

    2) Ideally, Pakistan should develop its industry to offer indigenously designed and manufactured cars, as in TURKEY, MALAYSIA and INDONESIA.

    3) To fight pollution in cities like Lahore, electric cars like the NISSAN LEAF should be heavily promoted and made available with incentives and reduced prices.

    4) Car sharing programs must be introduced.

    5) Public transportation, biking and walking should be encouraged and facilitated.

  • nawaz sharif promoted national bankruptcy with corruption every car sold has shared benefits to the ruling elite thanks to him we are becoming deprived of a traveling safely in our country

  • Honda & Toyotta both will continue to loose market in 2020 because of their higher price & non representation in 1000 CC category market. New entrent Kia clavery launched in 1000 cc with competitive pricing.

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