PIA Announces Rates for Inflight Upgrade to Executive Economy, Starts at Rs. 4000

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has released its rate list for the inflight seat in-flight upgradation process. Now, the passengers can upgrade their seats from Economy Class to Executive Economy after paying a minimal fee during the flight.

As per the list, the travelers en route to Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or any other Gulf country can get an upgrade for as low as Rs. 4000.


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The passengers of any domestic flight will receive this facility after paying an additional Rs. 5000.

Meanwhile, the travelers on Europe routes, including Paris, Oslo, Milan, Barcelona, and Copenhagen, will have to pay Rs. 25,000 for this option. Similarly, those on board for China and Japan can upgrade their ride to Executive Economy for a fee of Rs. 8,000.

However, for longer routes like the UK and Canada, the prices are slightly higher. The national flag carrier is charging Rs. 40,000 for the UK and Rs. 50,000 for a seat upgrade in flights to Canada.

The official rate list is available on PIA’s official website and its social media channels.