SHC Halts PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik from Performing Duties

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has barred Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Arshad Mahmood Malik, from discharging official responsibilities.

General Secretary of the PIA’s Senior Staff Association (SSA), Safdar Anjum, had earlier lodged a petition against CEO PIA in SHC. A two-member bench of the SHC was hearing the petition.



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According to reports, the petition contended that Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik shall be removed from the office as he neither has required educational background nor the adequate experience of serving in the aviation industry.

Besides, SHC has ordered Deputy Attorney General to appear before the court on 22nd January and apprise the bench with the government’s stance on the matter. SHC has also imposed a ban on new recruitments, transfers, and terminations in the PIA.


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On 11th October 2018, the federal cabinet had approved the appointment of Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik as the Chairman of PIA. Later, on 2nd April 2019, Arshad Mahmood Malik was appointed at the post of CEO of PIA.

  • courts should realize the improvement in devastated sector of PIA by the Arshad Malik. Even a matric pass can become the prime minister or minister than how come a qualified Masters degree holder in aeronautical industry cant run the aviation industry. kamaal he wese is judiciary per bhi…..

  • F**k SHC, they should be thrown to Arabian sea. It doesn’t even come under their jurisdiction.

    • It’s need civilian who must have MBA in aviation. Non of any world top line airline have any military personnel that’s why these are top 10 airline of world.
      Respected Airforce ceo have lot experience of airforce but not civil airline business.
      Pia tragedy is that never ever CEO or MD posted on merit and with in company talent.

  • It’s such a pity. He had almost turned PIA around. So what if he didn’t have the so called aviation degree. He has great business acumen. This is PPP influenced move. The party has proved to be such a curse for Pakistan right from 1971 when it was responsible to break the country coupled with disastrous step of industrial nationalization. Good help sindh. God help Pakistan

  • This was a war like situation to turn around a sinking ship and restore the national pride but the enemies of Pak could not see that happening. I hope that the team continues the good work and take the national carrier to the heights where it was once. InShaAllah

  • At the root of every evil there are courts in Pakistan. As there is no justice, all crimes can flourish and as the legal system is so broken all good will be discouraged by stay orders. Champion Chief Justices will work to fix every department in Pakistan except the judiciary!!

  • First of all wish you all dears a very happy and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Unions, funded by others killed every industry of this country. In 1977 I was working in an organization, I transfered my tea boy, not terminated just transfered and the union forced the management to transfer me to another city and I parted. For God sake, our country is on line, look at the borders, we are sandwitched, please step back and move the country forward. Thanks.

  • Shame on the judiciary to pass an order like this. Arshad Malik sb is doing a very good job and he should be fully supported. Plz let the airline improve.

  • Sindh high court zardari ki ghulaam hai
    Aur Lahore high court Sharif brothers ki.
    Ye mafia kabhi bhee hamari jaan nahi choray ga.Es ka aik hal privatization hai.

  • Such jobs become easy to get if you are in or ever were in “wardi”. Please don’t make PIA into another welfare organization for the Armed Forces retirees. There should be no cross-hiring between PIA and the armed forces.

    PIA CEO should be chosen on merit from professional candidates globally.

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