Lanterns Released Into the Sky to Commemorate the Start of a New Decade

New Year usually brings with it a sky filled with fireworks, loud countdowns to midnight and unpleasant sounds of motorcyclists on the road. This year, however, Karachiites were surprised to see a number of beautiful sky lanterns floating in the sky. The lanterns were released at midnight, allowing for a peaceful and harmless celebration into the new decade.

The stunt, performed by foodpanda Pakistan, lit up the night sky with some new year’s magic. An impressively unique way to start the new decade, don’t you think? The people of Karachi seemed to love it as well because soon after, the social media was full of posts from the activity. This surely gave everyone celebrating under the night sky, a stunning sight to see.

This was coupled with their new year campaign that is offering amazing deals and discount offers on 6000+ eateries all across Pakistan – together the two made for a great start for foodpanda. Over the years, foodpanda has become everyone’s food partner particularly because of their speedy service and unbelievable discounts and when they do stunts such as this, they create a warm, peaceful environment, and you can’t help but appreciate the effort.

For anyone who didn’t spend the new year with their friends or family, you know that foodpanda will always be there to save the day, whether that be on New Year’s, or any other holiday celebration. Good food at great prices is just a tap away. So tap away!

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