Samsung Patents a Magnetic Hinge for Dual-Screen Phones

Samsung debuted its first folding smartphone in 2019, although it was a sour experience in the start, the company managed to fix things before they got out of hand. Samsung is adamant about exploring this new lineup of smartphones and making it approachable for consumers globally.

The Korean tech giant will be launching its second foldable smartphone the, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, on 11th February 2020. Apart from this, the phone maker is also working on innovating this lineup by improving the technology that goes into it.

Recently, a patent for a new smartphone with a dual-display, based on an innovative Magnetic Hinge system, surfaced on the internet. It was filed in December 2018 but was only recently approved.

The renders show the hinge mechanism which, unlike the current foldable smartphones on the market, will be hidden from view, improving the overall viewing experience.

Image via Patently

According to the patent, the company will achieve a higher display real estate by coupling two screens with each other via the magnetic hinge. This will maintain the portability of the device but will make the display look seamless and uninterrupted.

OEMs have been unable to make a dual-display phone with an invisible hinge. Samsung may be the first company to make one.

Image via Patently

This mechanism is still in the patent phase which means it might not become reality but from the looks of it, the mechanism might help in improving the overall functionality of folding smartphones. So, there is a high chance that Samsung might use it in its folding smartphones in the future.