Toyota Announces Another Offer, This Time for Existing Car Owners

While the auto industry is going through turbulent times with a decline in sales and piling up inventory coupled with multiple price hikes, Toyota has been a shining example in some ways. They too have increased prices but at the same time, they are offering various discounts or special offers aimed to attract customers.

Their current offer is slightly different though, they are offering a free battery and heater checkup for any Toyota vehicle that you own.

According to the company, the checkup will be carried out by knowledgeable and official technicians. It is advisable to avail this offer as during the cold season, car batteries are at risk of failure.

Visiting your nearest Toyota Authorized Dealership will help provide you with the right tips, latest machinery, and a thorough checkup.

This offer is only applicable on Toyota vehicles and can be availed from any 3S Toyota Authorized Dealership.

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  • Unassuming & worthless offer. Toyota need to focus on marketing tools than increasing prices every now & then. Dollar has dropped by Rs.11; for its rise prices were increased. Now, why for heaven sake toyota is not decreasing them with lower dollar price. With this trend, toyota is losing Pakistani market fast.?

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