Withings’ Hybrid Smartwatch is Perfect For Heart Patients

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosts a ton of exciting gadgets and devices to look forward to. It is home to interesting new technologies ranging from dual-screen laptops to TVs with rollable displays.

One of the devices that made rounds at this year’s CES was Withing’s latest smartwatch. It is the world’s first hybrid watch to feature a medical-grade Electrocardiogram that can warn you of irregular heartbeats.

Being a hybrid, the Withins Scanwatch combines a traditional analog dial design with smart features including sleep and heartbeat tracking. The conventional dial has a tiny PMOLED display at the top that shows heart and sleep data and an additional subdial at the bottom for tracking steps.

It is equipped with a new SpO2 sensor that can measure oxygen saturation at all times to detect irregular breathing and counter sleep apnea. It collects all data into the Health Mate phone app that assesses sleep quality and depth.

It can warn users showing early signs of atrial fibrillation and prompt them to take an ECG which can be done in 30 seconds.

Another major highlight on the Withins Scanwatch is its massive battery. It is able to last 30 days on a single charge.

The watch is set to go on sale during Q2 2020 for $250 and $300 for 38mm and 42mm dial sizes respectively.