PIA to Pay Heavily for Forgetting Passenger Luggage in Saudi Arabia

General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), Saudi Arabian authority in charge of aviation affairs, has imposed a fine of 72,000 Riyal on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for leaving behind the passengers’ luggage at the Riyadh King Khalid International Airport.

Besides, the national flag carrier will have to bear additional expenses of bringing the luggage back to Pakistan.

Incidents in which PIA failed to bring back the luggage of the passengers are growing with each passing day. In the first few days of 2020, 3 PIA flights landed in Pakistan leaving behind the luggage of the passengers in Saudi Arabia.


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In a single day last week, 2 PIA flights PK-218 and PK-256 left the passengers’ luggage in Saudi Arabia and landed at Islamabad and Peshawar airports respectively. This week, flight PK-732, touched down at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, without the luggage of almost 80 passengers.

In March last year, an audit report released by the PIA revealed that the airline had lost passengers’ luggage worth Rs. 20 million since 2015.

  • Yet again 2 days back they forget my relatives luggages in peshawar airport. The flight was to jadha Airport

  • People have always preferred PIA , but the administration has always steered the organization towards degradation.

  • I was on the flight last Thursday that has left our luggage in Riyadh Airport. First we suppose to fly at 7am, when we finished boarding we found out flight has been delayed to 10M it was again delayed to 10:30 again to 11:15 respectively. We took off from Riyadh Airport at 12:30. When we arrived at isb after waiting for more than 1 hour we were told our. Luggage has been left at Riyadh and it will delivered to our home after 2 days. Still no news. I changed my tickets from Saudia to pia expecting to contribute to our airline. Seriously disappointed after 8 years I traveled on pia. See you in next 8 years. Great people to fly with

  • I travelled via saudi gulf on 10 th of November 2019 from Dammam to sialkot.The so called disciplined flight left my all 40 kg baggge back at Dammam.I received it after great panic and pang after 20 days.I live in Lahore so i had to travel to Sialkot to receive it.I had a constant contact with their country head Mr.Bilal but this stupid official of the most inefficient airline disinformed me for two weeks and then showed a cowardly act by not receiving my call.I visited their office at shimla hills Lahore and lodged a complaint they again gave me number of this guy Mr.Bilal with his e mail for compensation claim which i made via mail thrice in different days but still i am waiting for some response from this inefficient guy mr. BILAL..I strongly diapprove this fraud airline.

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