Two PIA Flights Forget Passengers’ Luggage in a Single Day

In an unprecedented move, two Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flights forgot to bring back their passengers’ luggage in a single day.

As per details, PIA’s PK-218 which landed at Islamabad Airport and PK-256 from Al Ain to Peshawar forgot to bring back the flyers’ luggage.

The incident is now a rare occurrence across the world, but PIA has set a new record by goofing up twice on the same day.


PIA Raises Charges for Carrying Extra Luggage

Angry passengers swamped the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) counter at the airports to record their protest.

The Deputy Terminal Manager tried to calm the crowd but failed. He had to call Airport Security Force (ASF) to control the situation.

The passengers finally agreed to leave the airport premises on the promises that their luggage will be brought back safely.


Saudi Arabian Airlines “Forgets” Pakistani Pilgrims’ Luggage in Madinah

This is not the first time PIA has made headlines for mismanagements. An audit report, released in March 2019, revealed that the airline had lost passengers’ luggage worth over Rs. 20 million in the last five years.

  • PIA’s complete staff should be sacked and a new PIA team should be hired, this time not under influence of PPP or any other political party but on merit and fair basis. And the new selected team should be from the uni graduates and youth on the merit.
    Same case with Police.

  • Some people.. hired on political basis are doing bad name to our National Carrier (Purposely). Responsible to be punished and must be removed from jobs.

  • Pia have lost my luggage 9 months before in April via pk11569 And still they says wait for some more time. I am waiting from last 9 months. I dont know where to go for compensation as pia is not doing their responsibility fulfill. All the staff is fazuuuuul tareen. This is how they treated their passengers

  • It’s not PIA, it’s a big business and the problem is with every airline around the world. It’s happened to my self and my parents recently and that was not PIA it’s biggest another airline. Furthermore, I have many friends who faced the same issue and had a very bad response from airlines and that was not PIA.
    And by the way it’s normal and PIA is in much smaller in these mistakes.
    Please before posting you have to research your own, it’s your responsibility as you are posting something on media and everyone is seeing this post.

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