Karachi to Witness Its Coldest Day in 100-Year History During the Next Week

A westerly weather system, that caused drizzle and cloudy weather in Karachi, has now moved to Balochistan.

The Pakistan Meteorological Depart (PMD) said this on Monday, adding that a new cold wave, witnessed today, will last until January 18.

With the chilly weather setting new records, the mercury is expected to drop as low as 3 degrees Celsius in the port city, leaving the citizens to shiver with cold. This will be Karachi’s lowest temperature in its over 70 years of recorded history.

The lowest recorded temperature in Karachi was 3.3 degrees Celsius, on 11 February 1950.


Temperature Drops to Its Lowest in Years in Karachi

Different parts of Karachi received drizzles and light rain on Sunday night amid the Siberian wind system freezing the city.

As per the PMD report, the new rain system will cause widespread rains across the country with downpour expected in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, upper and central Punjab, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan, and Kashmir on Monday and scatted rains in south Punjab and north-western Balochistan.


Karachi to Get Early & Cooler Winters Than Usual

Snowfall is also expected in the upper parts of the KP, GB, and Kashmir today.

The new rain system has not only dropped the mercury across the country but has disrupted the flight schedule as well.

  • I think Karachi will become next Murree this is good for Karachi it will bring tourist bring from all overall country to see snowfall.

  • Totally wrong.
    14 December 1986 was coldest day recent history, that day temperature dropped to 1°C. That was worst law n order situation also place , incident of Aligarh, Qasba colony were ruined by terrorist.

    • Yes. You are right. I was a school going kid & at the end of 9.pm. PTV khabarnama, I heared with my own ears that Karachi temprature was recorded 1.c. Can’t remember the exact date but it was so

  • ABDUL Wahab, I wouldn’t suggest that you pray for snow. Pakistani cities, and least of all Karachi, are not geared for snow removal. You’ll have major accidents and people slipping and hurting themselves. It would be a pleasant sight. Trust me!

    • آپ تو ایسے کہ رہے ہیں، جیسے، اس کی خواہش دُعا بن کے قبول بھی ہو جائے گی؟

    • It’ll be some much need population control. We should welcome such things. After all the alternative is contraceptives and the mullahs don’t allow that.

  • First of all, Karachi has no weather of its own. The scanty rainfall in Karachi is just a leftover from the summer monsoons.

    Again, the northeasterly winds, or more popularly known as Siberian winds, sweep down basically from the Arctic. While the Siberian cities really get frozen with up to minus 70 degrees Celsius, the tail ender Karachi gets cold but does not get a Sub-Zero Mercury. Plus 3 is not freezing temperature as mistakenly reported. Northern areas like Gilgit Baltistan and Baluchistan are certainly below freezing point.

    The climate change globally is visibly affecting humans as well as agriculture. Australia is getting forest fires and our scarce water resources will soon be depleted in scorching summers.

    • 1200 people died in 2015 despite karachi’s lack of weather. i suggest laying off the narcotics. weather isn’t just rainfall.

    • For that matter, on place on earth has a weather of it’s own. Karachi mostly Warm/Hot, and somewhat Tropical in nature.

  • Fals and Take story by the Pro Pakistani.
    Let’s check the BBC Weather Reports and many others.

  • If I am not wrong the lowest temperature in Karachi was 1 degree Celsius recorded in 1986 December. I was leaving for UK by PIA and it was freezing at the airport, when we boarded the aircraft the Captain announced that the temperature in Karachi today is 1 degree Celsius.

  • it will be a blessing in disguise , Karachi will be free from dengue for next few years as the vector dies below 10 degrees centigrade

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