Bisconni Leads the Movement to #CompleteOthers With Its New Campaign

Living in the 21st Century, prosthetic/bionic limbs are a reality but still not affordable and easily accessible to those in need. Bisconni, one of Pakistan’s leading biscuit brands, took the initiative of providing a source of happiness to some differently-abled children when they celebrated Children’s Day 2019 with their CSR campaign – #CompleteOthers – An absolute one-of-a-kind movement that not only made the children smile but also gave them the gift of a lifetime.

These children were given the chance to choose their own bionic arms, designed & developed by with special features. Under their #CompleteOthers initiative, Bisconni has set forth a vision of an inclusive and diverse society where each individual has the opportunity to dream and achieve their heart’s desires.

Sanaya Abbasi, a 7-year-old, dreams of becoming a doctor one day, with the help of Bisconni’s #CompleteOthers initiative the barriers to achieving all her life goals have been minimized.

To further amplify this movement, Bisconni has recently launched “the Enabler packs” in the market. At the purchase of every Rs. 10 pack of Chocolatto, Cocomo & Chocolate Chip Cookies, Rs. 1 will be donated towards the cause. This serves as an excellent opportunity for the entire nation to play their part and contribute to this wonderful initiative.

Let’s take a pledge to #CompleteOthers by purchasing Bisconni’s limited edition pack and continue to make this movement an inspiration for all.