Fake Sub-Inspector Who Copied Salman Khan Arrested in Lahore

Confidence is the key to everything, isn’t it? Well, maybe not all, but it gets plenty of things done!

Have you ever wondered why Salman Khan has been a massive hit in Bollywood? No points for guessing. It’s nothing but confidence, certainly not acting skills, that have kept him going.

Salman Khan definitely has a huge fan following in Pakistan as well and his famous Chulbul Pandey look seems to have impressed this local from Lahore. To be honest, his acting skills have impressed me more than Salman Khan ever could.


Fake CIA Officials Loot a Police SP in Islamabad

Lahore Police has finally arrested an impersonator who has been using his fake uniform to get his work done from different government organizations.

Disguising as a Sub-Inspector, Mudassir has also been seen in different local Police stations. His pictures are currently making rounds on social media and you won’t get a slight hint whether he’s a real cop or not. Unless you see him behind the bars in his uniform.

See it for yourself:

And, now the anticlimax:

That’s not all. The responses to one of the tweets are going to crack you up. And these responses sum up the state of our Police.


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  • Bahaha… The look on his face behind bars, absolutely Priceless! For everything else there’s mastercard

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