ProPakistani Exclusive: 50% Off on EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional

Moving to a new computer is often a hassle due to all the data that needs to be transferred. Cloud backups usually offer limited data storage and manual copy-pasting on local drives can become cumbersome and time-consuming.

This is exactly where Ease US Todo PCTrans comes into play as it allows users to transfer everything from their old PC to the new one with just a few clicks. ProPakistani is giving away the software for 50% off right now using the product key: ZJ41H-S152M-XMRCR-LFVTW-SB6IN.

The offer comes at a highly convenient time since Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 and a large number of people including corporate users are still running the old system. This will help them move to Windows 10 with ease.

Getting Started

In order for it to work, the software needs to be downloaded and installed in both systems and both systems need to be on the same network. Once installed, the software will display a bunch of options in the left navigation pane and corresponding actions in the center.

Start off by selecting “PC to PC”.

This will let you transfer everything including applications, pictures, music, files, accounts, and various settings without a hitch. Once the “PC to PC” button is clicked, the software will detect all other computers that are running EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

Select the computer you wish to migrate your data to and select a source PC as well. Users can choose the items they want to move to.

Image Transfer and App Migration

Image transfer also serves the same function, but it creates image files for all the data for easier transfer. These image files can be mounted at the target PC and can be used as virtual disks to install data. This makes things easier if you want to create images for installing Windows.

App migration, on the other hand, not only allows you to move and backup large applications, but it also saves all the application data alongside so users can start right where they left off.

System Cleanup

The System Cleanup option at the bottom helps clean up temporary files and other junk to create space. Large File Cleanup lets users sort their data according to its size and get rid of large unnecessary files such as Windows Update installation files that take up a lot of space.

Free Version vs Paid Version

The free version of this software has a data transfer limit of 500MB and will only create application backups for 2 apps. The professional version allows for unlimited backup and data transfer to an unlimited amount of computers.

With the latest offer, you can purchase EaseUS Todo PCTrans at a 50% lower price of $25 by clicking the link at the top and using the key shared above.

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