Sazgar All Set to Showcase Pakistan’s First Electric Vehicle Tomorrow

Recently, the government has approved the first-ever National Electric Vehicle Policy for Pakistan and is set to implement it after certain revisions. There have also been reports that the Ministry of Climate Change is looking to transform the CNG stations in the country into power charging stations for EVs.

A new entrant in the market, Topsun motors, have announced that they will be bringing the country’s first electric car shortly. Now, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited has announced that they have developed an EV three-wheeler and they will be showcasing the model tomorrow in Lahore.

In a letter written to the General Manager of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the company has stated that they are pleased “to inform you that the company has developed an EV Three Wheeler and its showcasing event will be held on January 24th, 2020 in Lahore.”

The company has further added that they intend to make it available commercially and have added,

The company will start the commercial production of EV Three Wheeler after the approval of Electric Vehicle (EV) policy by the Government of Pakistan.

After the announcement, the two companies will be in contention to introduce Pakistan’s first locally produced electric vehicle. While the information is scant right now but we are excited to see the product the company will be showcasing tomorrow.

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  • It could be great if they had planned to launch a 4 wheel vehicle instead of all 3 wheels models. Even any tentative pricing idea could provide users a better insight enabling them to plan/budget ahead of making a buying decision plus any timelines of commercial launch and more. Inadequate information but good to know the Electric vehicles actually about to touch the home ground.

  • in a poster beautiful car is showing and in detail 3 wheeler mention.
    hathi k daant khanay k or dikhanay k or. :(
    It could be great if they launch 3 wheeler like mini electric car with steering wheel & comfortable driving seat as well.

  • It will be a great event. Landmark event we r proud of this developement and hope to be in the frontline inshallah of EVs

  • So how to charge EV. By diesel generator by petrol generator or by Lesco. How will a charge of 24 hours for a 3 hour ride be feasible. Also there are no charging points in city so I cannot even travel from Lahore to Faisalabad .

  • 3 wheeler… Sounds odd since in past years a couple of three wheeler models were launched by some companies but they didn’t get appreciation as there is a mindset that it is a modified rickshaw. Let’s see tommorow, what would be launched, as we have seen a couple of other models at Karachi expo few years back but till date no news about the launch. Let’s hope for the best!

  • Who ever in the government of Imran khan is delaying the launch of the Electric vehicle policy is the enemy of this country look at IIndia how many Electric vehicle they are bringing to the roads and these policy makers can not decide, they don’t see the Smog and polotion.

  • 3 Wheel not good for earned a Proft, user used frequently 3 Wheeler Auto at KARACHI they haven’t enough time to charge battery etc

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