LDA Announces New Project Near Gulberg, Lahore

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has green lit the construction of an underpass at the Firdous Market in Gulberg, Lahore.

The project is estimated to cost Rs.1.80 billion and will be a dual-lane carriageway. The underpass will help make lives easier for people in this area as it will resolve the traffic congestion and make commuting easier. It will also be beneficial for the economic activity around the area, which is an economic hub of sorts for Lahore.


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The project will be 540 feet long and will need seven Kanals of land.

According to reports, the LDA will create a special rainwater drainage system to account for the rainy conditions especially the Monsoon rains.

Before the underpass, LDA had entertained the idea of constructing a flyover near the Firdous Market crossway and for the underpass; the National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) was hired to help in the project’s design and consultancy.

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  • I think once again some one will take stay during construction and the lives will become more difficult as usual

  • Alhamdolillah, a long awaited initiative that would hopefully resolve the traffic congestion issue, which costed hugely in terms of time and fuel. More so in burning hot summer afternoons, it was like hell, waiting for your turn to cross the signal, that would switch nearly twice, before your turn came.

  • We will always remember Sharif brothers who brought prosperity to Pakistan with dozens of this type of developmental projects

  • Pray to Almighty Allah that this project never starts under the current regime, as a resident of this area don’t wanna be victim like Peshawar BRT

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