FBR Catches Hundreds of Employees Benefitting From Benazir Income Support Program

Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) has taken disciplinary action against 196 of its employees who had been benefitting from the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

According to a report by a local newspaper, they were receiving the money in the names of their spouses or other relatives.

A list formed by the FBR includes seven government officers of grade 17, two of grade 14, 10 of grade 11 and others.

Of the total, 134 employees belonged to Inland Revenue Service (IRS) while 76 belonged to customs. These employees are posted in regional tax offices and model customs collectorates.

According to an english daily, the employees that received BISP stipends included Huma Safdar, Famina, Kamla Gopal, Maryam Bibi, Ms Tahira, Munawar Janu, Shagufta, Ram Chand, Abdul Hussain Joyo, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hameed, Abdul Hayee, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Munaf Junejo, Abdul Salam,Abdul Samad, Abdul Sattar, Abid Ali, Ahmad Mallah, Ahmad, Ahmad Sher, Ajum Khan, Akhtar Ali, Akhtar Hussain Rind, Ali Muhammad Magsi, Allah Rind, Ali dino, Allah Ditta, Allah Rakha, Amir Ahmad, Amir Zad Khan and Asghar Ali.

BISP Chairperson Dr. Nishtar had revealed that (in total) 2,543 government officers of grade-17 and above had got themselves registered among the beneficiaries from the social safety net and received the assistance meant for the poorest of the poor. They have now been excluded from the program.

FBR took this decision following the directions of the Establishment Division.

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