Fake News Alert: No Coronavirus Detected in Goats

On 28 January 2020, an image surfaced on Facebook under the logo of Punjab Food Authority (PFA) directing citizens to not eat mutton for the next 2 months because goats have shown signs of Coronavirus. However, PFA quickly clarified that it has not released any such image.

Here is the fake image for reference:

The text in Urdu reads:

Very urgent message. In Pakistan too, Coronavirus alert has been issued. For the next 60 days try your utmost to not eat goat meat. In Pakistan signs of this virus have started appearing in goats. Share this message as much as you can so that the life of your own people could be saved.

Here is PFA’s post rebutting the fake image:

According to PFA:

Beware, This image released under the logo of Punjab Food Authority is fake.

Although Coronavirus reportedly spread through snakes, no evidence suggests that goats carry Coronavirus. Not a single animal has shown signs of having Coronavirus in Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan is among the countries that are yet to report a confirmed case of Coronavirus.

Therefore, it is advised to not heed fake news.

  • Well, some people so badly want the virus in Pakistan and some even want it to reduce the population by half or more.

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