30 Petrol Stations in Islamabad Fined for Nozzle Tampering and Short Selling Fuel

A month-long campaign by the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration against petrol pumps for tampering with nozzles and short-selling fuel has just come to an end.

To the surprise of many, more than 30 petrol pumps in Islamabad were found involved either in short-selling or had tampered nozzles. The capital administration imposed Rs. 1.91 million worth of fines and penalties on different petrol pumps during the month-long campaign.

According to Waqar Anwar, Director Industries and Labour (ICT), the campaign was launched at the directives of Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Aamer Ali Ahmed.

Here are some of the fuel stations which have incurred fines:

Shell at Rawal Chowk

Attock at Tramari Chowk


Hascol at Tramari Chowk

Shell at Aabpara Market


PSO at Kashmir Highway


Total Parco at I-9

Attock at H-8

Shell at I-8 Markaz


PSO at G-8 Markaz


PSO at Blue area


PSO at Islamabad Press Club

Shell at Taukri Chowk


Attock at F-11 Markaz


Total Parco at F-10 Markaz


ICT administration has also imposed heavy fines over non-compliance with mandatory safety, security measures, minimum wage, child labor and failure to provide basic facilities to the consumers at fuel stations.

  • Petrol pumps are cheating, authority is garbing share by collecting fines.
    So what’s the End-user benefits?

  • They should have mentioned the names of those pumps which are selling the fuel correctly. As a reward

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    It is heartening to learn that number of different company’s petrol pumps were checked and found tempering the meters or calibrating nozzles and paying less salaries in violation to government’s announcement of minimum salaries .I think the ICT should make surprise visits to other petrol pumps and also the other provinces should also follow the ICT.I am sure there are hundreds of other petrol pumps who are cheating the public and becoming rich day by day.

  • Rs. 25000/- fine is joke for these black sheeps. They can recover it in less than a day. And what about reportedly free fueling of police vehicles and other regulators?.

    Pumps must be inspected regularly and graded as A, A+ to encourage honest ones.

  • These pumps must be monitored frequently so that they do not dare to do it again the next day of their fine. Surprise visits and checking is must.

  • This is really a pity that such a low amount of fines imposed . They should have a hand and a leg cut for cheating innocent people. This type of exercise should be done in other parts of the country

  • having one nozzle out-of-calibratio makes me feel like. When we enter the petrol pump them asks us to go to x-y-z pump and that might be the faulty one :S

  • Is there any calculation of how much they had ripped of per year, and last 10 years, vs the fines, which were received by the police. What about rest of the country with 1000s of petrol pumps in which people gets ripped off on daily basis. Cant the government which collects taxes can protect the citizens. Where is Riasat Madina and welfare state. Just protect the people from such robbing.

  • Chief Commissioner should also direct checking nozzle and below par fuel of PSO pumps in Bahria Town Phase 7-8

  • Will some authority also check petrol stations in Karachi as most stations here give 10 to 25 percent less fuel.

  • It is my request to higher authorities please check Shell Pump IJP Road Khayaban e Sirsyed and PSO IJP Road near Pindora.Thier behaviour with customers is also very harsh.

  • Please also check shell petrol pump at Peshawar road Rawalpindi near chowr Chowk westridge also hasmart near eme college / Daewoo stop

  • Good but not all the names of the pumps are mentioned. Government imposed the fine but how the customers are going to be paid back for the fraud. Fine of 25000 is nothing. They generally do so because police and other government vehicles get free fuel from them.

  • Peanut fines are not enough, these petrol pumps must be sealed. And above all who guarantees that such vicious tactics shall not recure because there is no proper check up or scrutiny on regular basis.

  • There should be a permanent way out so that a customer can check the calibration on the spot during filling. Like 1 litre calibrated cylinder would be installed on each nozzle end which determine the accuracy before filling in the tank.

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