Ford’s 3D Printed Nuts Keep Your Car’s Alloy Rims Safe

In recent times, car security systems have progressed so much that traditional car stealing methods have become outdated, forcing thieves to steal car parts instead, such as alloy wheels.

Making their job harder, Ford has created a 3D-printed locking wheel nut with the help of a unique biometric signature created using the car owner’s voice.

This biometric signature, just like the iris scan and thumbprints, will make sure that only the matching pattern will unlock the device.

The owner’s voice is recorded for a minimum of one-second and changed to a soundwave that is converted into a physical, printable pattern. This is then converted into a circle and engraved on to the nut and key, which are designed as a single piece and printed with 3D tech with the help of acid and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

After the printing, they are separated and ready for use after a bit of grinding.

Raphael Koch, Ford Advanced Materials and Processes’ Research Engineer says,

It’s one of the worst experiences for a driver, to find their car up on blocks with all four wheels gone. Some alloy wheels can cost thousands to replace, but these unique rim nuts will stop thieves in their tracks. Making wheels more secure and offering more product personalization is further proof that 3D printing is a game-changer for car production.

EOS, the company that Ford has partnered up with to create this tech says that they have made sure that the nut can’t be copied or cloned.

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