Oladoc Launches “aasani se” Campaign Bringing More Features for Patients and Doctors

Oladoc, Pakistan’s largest doctor booking platform has introduced a whole new set of features. In its latest push, the company has launched the “aasani se ” campaign, introducing structured feedback, patient reviews, wait-time, and medical records to its platform, further enhancing the healthcare experience of the patients.

Attached below is oladoc’s latest ad running on YouTube and media outlets.

Here are all the recently launched features:

Structured Feedback

Structured feedback is comprehensive feedback by the user/patient about a doctor on 4 key aspects  – the overall level of satisfaction, doctor’s check-up, staff behavior, and clinic environment. On the basis of patients’ responses, a rating (percentage number) is assigned to a doctor, citing the percentage of patients who are satisfied with her/his services.

Users can find and review the structured feedback on any listed doctor in the oladoc app as well as at oladoc.com in the user feedback section in each doctor’s profile. These reviews are vital in helping new patients find the right doctor for them as users can not only compare doctors based on experience, location and fee but also based on other patients’ feedback and satisfaction ratings.

Patient Reviews

In addition to the satisfaction scores, users can also read actual patient comments and reviews about the doctor. These reviews are further highlighted by a) “I recommend the doctor” or b) “Not recommended”, so that readers can get more context behind a doctor’s satisfaction scores.

New users have found these reviews helpful in comparing doctors and hospital/clinic environments, thereby improving the patient experience.

Wait Time

Wait time plays the most important role in the healthcare experience today, as patients do not like to wait for long periods at the doctor’s clinic/hospital.

With the average wait-time visible on the profile, patients have a better understanding of how much they would have to wait for their appointment at the doctor’s clinic/hospital. Preliminary feedback on this feature has been amazing and users love it.

Medical Records

Unlike the other features, this feature is geared towards doctors. EMR (electronic medical records) allows doctors to upload and store medical records of their patients in their myPractice by oladoc App, enabling them to monitor progress and avoid the hassle of managing paper files. oladoc uses secure AWS servers to store all data.

Speaking on the release of these new features, CEO Abid Zuberi noted:

As we move forward, it is vital for us to scale our features up and bring more excellence to our services. Patient reviews at oladoc platform are the next right step in helping us achieve the core mission of offering an excellent patient experience.

Highlighting the future objectives, Abid added:

We have had an exciting 2019 and achieved some key milestones, like helping over 5 million patients and grabbing the 3rd spot in the Scaleup Istanbul event recently. We have exciting expansion and growth plans, fundamentally ignited by our firm desire to help patients get an excellent healthcare experience in Pakistan.

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