FESCO Will Accept Online Applications For New Connections From Next Month

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has announced that it will accept online applications for new connections soon.

By the end of March 2020, citizens in all sub-divisions of FESCO will be able to submit applications for new connections through the internet.

Last year, Shafiq ul Hassan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO, had directed FESCO’s IT wing to develop the online system after numerous citizens complained about the rigmaroles of acquiring a new electricity connection.

For now, the system is in the testing phase as FESCO continues to remove any flaws before releasing the final version. Earlier, FESCO had released a trial version of the system for half of the consumers in all sub-divisions of the region.

Once the new system goes live, not only will the citizens be able to request new connections over the internet, but the FESCO staff will also be able to acquire necessary documents from consumers with site surveys.


Facilitation of consumers while providing them with excellent services remains the top priority of FESCO.

  • They need to create a system through which customers can pay bribes online too. Otherwise this is all just eyewash.

  • Amazing that’s a great news. I even was don’t know about it for LESCO. When I read your article then I search online and came to know the whole process of online application submission on LESCO website is also available.

    Now I think with this initiative we can save our time and money.

    Guys! follow the below LESCO link to find the whole process to apply for a new connection:


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