Mathematician Who Exposed Rs. 700 Million Corruption Forced to Leave Pakistan

Pakistan is full of talented individuals. However, the country also has a knack of wasting talent.

One such example is Dr. Amer Iqbal who is an MIT Ph.D. with multiple awards in Physics and Mathematics to his name.


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The main reason behind him leaving the country is that he unearthed a Rs 700 million scam in government college’s fund. The theoretical physicist and mathematician even submitted a detailed 450-word report to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) where he mentioned ghost teachers from Europe drawing huge salaries for the past 10 years, who either stayed for a very little time or never came to Pakistan.

Talking to a local TV channel, Pervez Hoodboy, a physicist revealed the news.

Some teachers came from Europe for 15 days and then left, while many didn’t come to Pakistan in the first place.

At the time, the renowned physicist was working with a college which never renewed its contract after he forwarded the mega fraud’s report to NAB. Dishearted with the treatment, he left the country on 15th January and landed a job with Harvard University within 15 days.


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To give you an account of his genius, Amer Iqbal has won the prestigious Abdus Salam Award for Physics for his work in string theory and its relationship with supersymmetry and gauge theories. He has also worked in collaboration with Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg at the University of Texas.

Featured Image via Eqbal Ahmed Center for Public Education.

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  • Lanat hai hamaray hamay un logo per ju corruption parkarnay walay ko he par jatay hain. With this attitude we will never do well in anything and brain drain will continue.

  • Very ashamed but i also feel like this might be part of some conspiracy going on against Pakistan to drain talent from our country.Time to clean government institution from people who are trying to defame Pakistan.

  • What a pity for this nation where every body is involve every type of corruption from a petty chowkidar to the high ups, from a milk man to the trader and in all walk of life with a very little exception. Its really high time that we all repent from all our sins and start obeying all the orders of Allah SWT as done by Prophet SAAW otherwise wait for the worst to come

  • Such things happens during last 50 years. In Pakistan it happens to every person who wants to straight things and have no backup. This is the reason we are at present situation.

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.

    It is very sad to learn that such a qualified person and an asset of the country has left because of the honesty he showed which the people of the organization did’nt like it.

  • I suggest that Think Tanks like hoodbhoy should make a registered union (country-wide base) and be firm to stand in the situations like this and stage rallies on the roads to make these cases apparent to the general public and the establishment. It is the weaknesses of our Think Tanks that these situations occur and get unnoticed to the thinking community of the country and the general public. Please rise, be powerful and get united to decelerate these practices in the future.

    • Prime minster sb ni recall kar k Physices dept ka head bana dhena hai, same as he did with Tania Aidrus.
      Or ye govt ab theory hi paish kar sakthy hai, practical in ki bs ki bat nai.

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