Torture Test: Here’s How Long The Moto Razr Smartphone Lasts

The clamshell foldable Motorola Razr 2019 is set to arrive later this month alongside a handful of flagship devices from competitors. A few weeks ahead of its launch, folks over at CNET have taken the flip phone in for a “durability” test.

The phone survived less than 4 hours with CNET’s “FoldBot” folding machine which folded and unfolded the device over 27,000 times before it started to struggle. Once they managed to close it, the hinge mechanism fell out of alignment and started to make grating noises indicating a broken structure. The screen, however, remained unscathed.

Hence, if a regular user folds the device about 30 to 50 times a day, it should be able to last around 1.5 years of regular use. This, however, would only apply if you fold the device as roughly and rapidly as the FoldBot. If you use it properly and carefully it can easily last you 2 years or more.

Motorola has released a statement on CNET’s video that addresses the situation:

SquareTrade’s FoldBot is simply not designed to test our device. Therefore, any tests run utilizing this machine will put undue stress on the hinge and not allow the phone to open and close as intended, making the test inaccurate. The important thing to remember is that Razr underwent extensive cycle endurance testing during product development, and CNET’s test is not indicative of what consumers will experience when using Razr in the real-world. We have every confidence in the durability of Razr.

  • “We have every confidence in the durability of Razr.” Yeah right lol.. And 30 to 50 times a day only? Hello? Even just keeping it to check for updates every few minutes makes it well above 100 times a day which would make it last only 270 days.

    And while Motorola denies the credibility of this test, I would argue otherwise. As this robot is working in a stable, dust and humid free environment while in daily life a smartphone goes through all of that. Hence it would hardly even last a single year if they are not to improve their folding mechanism!

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