NEPRA Refuses to Increase Electricity Tariff for February

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has ruled against the Central Power Purchasing Authority’s (CPPA) recommendation to raise electricity prices by 98 paisas per unit.

The power regulatory watchdog has decided to keep the electricity prices unchanged for February. The decision has saved the power consumers from bearing an additional cost of Rs. 14.5 billion.


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Earlier this month, the CPPA had requested the increase as part of fuel adjustment for power consumption in November 2019.

As per its report, the overall power production in November crossed seven billion units, costing Rs. 25 billion to the power production companies.

Out of the total production, the hydel power sources generated 39 percent electricity, 27.3 percent came from coal power, 11.5 percent was produced from nuclear sources, 9.3 percent from gas, and 9.2 percent from imported Liquefied Natural gas (LNG).


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It should be noted that NEPRA, on the request of CPPA, had approved an increase of Rs. 1.56 per unit in the power tariff on December 26, as part of the cost adjustment of consumption in October.

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    When NEPRA kind of companies knows the inflation and tariff is much higher than expectation.

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