SNGPL Rejects Rumors of an Increase in Gas Price

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has shot down rumors claiming the gas company has increased prices.

A spokesperson for SNGPL clarified that the previously sanctioned Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) tariff will remain in effect.

According to the spokesperson, SNGPL had published a projection of monthly bills for all slabs of customers against a certain quantity of gas consumed.

Sadly, certain elements deliberately distorted the information to misguide the public.

Here is what SNGPL projected:

Slab Usage up to (Hm3) Tariff per MMBTU (Rs)
1st 0.5 121
2nd 1 300
3rd 2 553
4th 3 738
5th 4 1107
6th Above 4 1460

Here is a clarification from SNGPL:

The spokesperson claims that the projection was released to provide consumers an estimate of their gas bills according to their usage.

However, the projection was widely shared on social media suggesting that SNGPL has raised gas tariffs.

SNGPL encourages customers to directly contact the gas distributor in case they need any kind of information. They should also discourage misleading elements on social platforms, the spokesperson added.

For the third time in just two months, spokespersons for OGRA, SNGPL, and SSGCL have been forced to publicly rebut fake news regarding an unprecedented increase in gas tariffs.

Last week, media channels actively reported that OGRA has proposed a 15% increase in gas tariffs.  In December, a 245% increase in gas prices was attributed to OGRA. However, OGRA categorically denied any increase on both occasions.