Yamaha Has Increased Bike Prices Yet Again!

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has sent a notice to its dealers on Thursday indicating an increase in the prices of its bikes by Rs. 8000-8500.

The Yamaha YB 125Z has seen its price increase by Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 146,000 and the YBR125G variant has seen its price increase to Rs. 172,000, a hike of Rs. 8,500. The YBR125’s price has gone to Rs. 164,000 after a hike of Rs. 8,000.

As per a bike dealer, the reason behind the increase in prices is due to the drop in sales, he said:

During 2019, bike sales dipped by 30% on average. Earlier, companies in Pakistan sold three million bikes per year which have fallen to two million per year now.

The majority of the customers bought the bikes on installments because they found it easier to pay on a monthly basis but since the buying powers have decreased sharply and they can’t afford the bikes on installments, the dealer said.

The source said:

People who earned around Rs. 16,000 preferred 70cc bikes while those who earned a salary of Rs. 35,000-40,000 usually bought bikes having the engine capacity of 100cc to 150cc. However, now sales of all three engine categories have fallen.

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  • Now yamaha selling garbage in their own showrooms no one want to spend money on these kinds of bike like garbage ?

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