Nayatel Connects 100+ Telenor Cell Sites on Fiber Optics

Rising demand of high bandwidth by Mobile operators has found new use of existing fiber networks to carry high speed data to mobile towers from central exchanges.

In this regard, Nayatel Pakistan has successfully connected more than 100 towers of Telenor Pakistan with its fiber network in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar.  This upgrade will improve bandwidth and enable Telenor Pakistan users to enjoy high speed 4G services.

This collaboration is an opportunity for Nayatel to utilize existing fiber networks in providing high speed FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) internet infrastructure to established telecom service providers in the country.

It enables an efficient and swift transition from traditional connectivity to a fiber backbone on a large scale. Telenor Pakistan customers will be able to enjoy much faster data services and effective utilization of 4G services.

Nayatel’s CTO, Aqeel Khurshid, expressed his fervor at the occasion as the development opens new horizons for the implementation of 5G in Pakistan. ““Nayatel has always pursued a vision of providing superior internet, cable TV and phone services to its customers. We aim to facilitate a digital revolution in Pakistan by creating the necessary infrastructure to bring us at par with some of the most developed nations across the world.”

A surge in developments in the local digital ecosystem and increased demand of high bandwidth communication services has provided ground for drive towards the use of state-of-the-art tools.

Nayatel’s FTTT (fiber to the tower) technology enables Telenor Pakistan to allow for higher bandwidth transport capability through which the telecom operators’ customers will enjoy much faster internet experience, lag free online gaming, improved audio and video calls over IP applications like WhatsApp and Skype.

  • Lets hope Telenor 4G works better. Having Nayatel as a backbone will definitely work in favour of Telenor.

  • At first what’s init for me?
    I had to switch to other operator because Telenor was not offering good coverage my area Rawalpindi-Lalazar.
    So lets see how they move ahead now if they are relying on Nayatel fiber….

  • Mr. Aqeel Khurshid CTO Nayatel compliments on FTTH compliment Telenor 4G the best experience of 4G in Karachi.
    Having spent 6 decades with PTCL Dhobi Gath internet services/IPtv, we’re keen for FTTH/G-Pon services to our two PTCL numbers which should conform to Telenor standards which I’m using in Karachi.
    Appreciate if you coud respond at the earliest, for the UN/SDG, ITU standards compliant to PTA. Best wishes

  • Telenor network in Malakand Belt is already near to choke. Needs increase in spectrum. Special attention is required from CTO Telenor.

  • What about the remote areas like Khewra & Pind dadan khan ? I think telenor should take speedy action to connect these areas with full 4G spectrum.

  • I’m using telenor because of it’s reasonable internet packages and better speed but prices should more less so every user could enjoy telenor services especially Monthly net Packages are costly

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