CAA Ordered to Conclude Inquiry in Aircraft Crash Case in One Month

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has once again directed the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to expedite the inquiry into the incidents of engine malfunction of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft.

While hearing a petition lodged by Iqbal Kazmi, the 2-member bench consisting of Justice Yousuf Ali Sayeed and Justice Agha Faisal ordered CAA representatives to furnish a detailed inquiry report as soon as possible.

The petition contends that 55 aircraft of the national flag carrier got into different accidents since its inception. Out of those, 20 were ATR aircraft including the unfortunate PK-661 flight that claimed 47 lives including Junaid Jamshed.


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According to Iqbal Kazmi, the probe into the PK-661 crash yielded no results. Kazmi also referred to the findings of a CAA’s internal inquiry report of the PK-661 crash that shows the authority’s negligence:

Purchasing and operating defective aircraft means nothing but risking the lives of passengers and crew members.

In its defense, CAA representatives requested a month’s time from the court to complete the inquiry into the incidents of engine malfunction.

The SHC responded by granting a deadline of March 17th to the CAA. The court has also directed CAA to include the details of the crashes and name the persons responsible for the crashes in the final investigation report.

Justice Agha Faisal remarked:

The affected families have been waiting for the investigation report for long.

The SHC had previously directed the CAA representatives to conclude and furnish the investigation report nearly two months ago.