Pakistan to Get Its First Car Industry Standards Authority

The local auto industry has come under heavy fire for the quality of its cars, lack of safety features and the exorbitant prices.

The matter was also taken up in the Senate recently where there was talk of improving standards through a framework that would lay out the requirements. Now it seems, the plan is gathering some steam with Federal Minister Fawad Hussain tweeting that the process to boost the quality and improve standards has already begun.

The first industries to see this were the Food and Electronics sector, now the focus has shifted towards the local car industry.

The plan to improve standards in the industry is in motion as a meeting has been called for 26th February with all stakeholders being invited including All Pakistan Automobiles Association and others.

This is a welcome development and hopefully, the framework will be implemented rapidly.

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  • Very good step, it should be strictly followed. Suzuki’s local paint which even varnishes by the passage of time or gets faded, low quality interiors of Pakistani cars, lack of standard options, poor quality of fittings and even the boot, bumpers and bonnet are not aligned many times this should be taken on a serious note.

  • Just a time wasting point.
    There is need of finishing and quality check only. The other things are just making money from auto industries for the sake of safety standards.

  • Need to have pragmatic approach to deal with this mafia (local car industry) that has been ripping off Pakistani nation for decades providing low quality and substandard vehicles at such exorbitant prices. One can have a second hand GMC, Dodge, Daimler or Austin at the price of Suzuki Mehran in Americas. But if this is a cosmetic attempt to extort more money from them in the name of regulations and quality check at the same time allowing them to increase prices at their will on the pretext of devaluation of money then it is better to discard this filthy idea!

  • This step will bring standard and competition.people need a good replacement of their money. Suzuki mehran,for example should be improved both in safety,and price.

  • why not just adapt eu standards? Israel is a small country which adopted US and EU standards, it saved costs for both government and buyers/sellers.

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