Official: Ali Zafar is Making a PSL 2020 Anthem

‘Tayyar ho?’ the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) official anthem for the tournament’s 5th edition has drawn more criticism than praise.

Since the release of the PSL 5 anthem, the cricketing fans have been fervently demanding from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to bring back Ali Zafar.

This demand of the fans seems to have fallen on deaf ears of the PCB.

However, Ali Zafar, the singer who had delivered back to back hit PSL anthems for the first three editions, has responded to fans demanding his return.

Taking to Twitter, Ali Zafar announced to record a new PSL anthem.

While fans are anxiously waiting, the singing sensation has asked them to keep calm.

It looks like Shoaib Akhtar might be a part of the song.


Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar have come face to face ever since the release of ‘Tayyar ho.’

During a TV show, Tayyar ho’s lead singer, Ali Azmat, had accused Ali Zafar in minced words for waging a campaign on social media against the anthem.

Responding to this preposterous allegation, Ali Zafar, in the same TV show, said that he is willing to record a PSL anthem just out of love for the fans.

And now, the ‘Seeti Bajay gi’ singer has officially announced to make to new PSL anthem.

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