Tens of Thousands of Hoarded Sugar Bags Recovered From Sharif Family’s Mill

A team comprising of officials from district administration, police, intelligence agencies, and provincial industries department has recovered 55,000 sugar bags during a raid at a sugar mill reportedly owned by the Sharif family.

Assistant commissioner Ahmedpur East led the operation, which was conducted on a tip-off given by the special branch of the police.

The Ittefaq Sugar Mill, located at Channi Goth, a small town 70 km away from Bahawalpur, has been sealed and 55,000 sugar bags have been confiscated by the raiding team.


Jehangir Tareen’s Sugar Mills Post a 170% Increase in Gross Profits in 3 Months

Interestingly, government departments seemed hesitant to issue an official press release about the recovery of hoarded sugar worth millions of rupees.

Sugar Mill Not Operational

General Manager (GM) of Ittefaq Sugar Mill, while speaking to a news channel, said that the sugar mill had been closed since 2017.

The manager rebutted news about hoarding sugar and claimed that the recovered 55,000 sugar bags are more than two seasons old.

Towards the end of 2016, Jahangir Tareen filed a petition in Lahore High Court (LHC) contending that the Sharif family has relocated three sugar mills despite an official ban.

In March 2017, LHC ordered to seal two out of three sugar mills owned by the Sharif family.

In September that year, the LHC ruled in favor of the petitioner and directed Sharif family to relocate Ittefaq Sugar Mill (Channi Goth), Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill (Muzaffargarh) and Chaudhry Sugar Mill (Rahim Yar Khan) to their original locations within three months.

Soon, the Sharif family turned towards the Supreme Court (SC) against the LHC verdict.

However, in 2018, the SC dismissed the review petition of the Sharif family and upheld the LHC verdict that ordered the relocation of three sugar mills from South Punjab to Central Punjab, stated the GM of the mill.

Via: Dawn

  • A game of PTI and new owners of Punjab ( Khan group ( Tareens, Qasuris and Khans) to put the blame on PMLN and nothing else. Can sombody ask that how come the son of Tareen has bought “Multan Sultans” with no sources of income.? Tareen is flying a jet worth 10 million US Dollars?. How it is possible with low sources of income?.

    You cannot believe on this statement. The reason is that Sharif’s son are out of country for a long time and Nawaz Sharif is not running any business. It is a drama orchestrated by Tareen so to blame the opposing party and nothing else.

    • still your allegations are baseless jhangir tareen is a rich guy his net worth is about 75 million dollars while multan sultan costs less than 5 million dollars
      and nor do you have proof of anything else but you should also know that tareen is the highest tax payer in pakistan
      as for this article basically its just telling that supreme court ordered sharif to move the mills etc but it has been not followed

  • How a stock of 2017 is hoarding when there was abundent sugar available in country and we were forced to export the excess. Moreover a small sugar Mill keep stock of at least 100,000 sugar bags for off season sale. Another siasi activity and siasi news and amazingly propakistani fell for it.

  • A mill that is closed since 2017 was storing 2750 tons for profit? These drams only PTI govt can do as they are badly exp0sed to people. Their anti PMLN and anti Sharifs agenda won’t give anything to people.

  • probably those bags were recovered from TAREEN mills but you know…. NO PTI wala is dishonest intentionally.. *wink wink* #TinFoilHatOn

  • Sharifs are basically criminals, they can go to any extent to rob people of Pakistan. They had been doing in the past and will keep on doing so in future. A shameless family

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