Jehangir Tareen’s Sugar Mills Post a 170% Increase in Gross Profits in 3 Months

Jehangir Tareen’s JDW Sugar Mills Limited, the largest white sugar producer in the country, has announced its financial results for the first quarter that ended on 31st December 2019.


The company posted a profit after tax of Rs. 138.92 million compared to a loss of Rs. 353 million recorded in the same period last year.


Exports Grew 3.21% During The First Half of FY 2019-20

The revenue was up by 61.45% to Rs. 13.19 billion during the first quarter as compared to Rs. 8.17 billion recorded in the same period last year. The sales have increased mainly due to an increase in average selling prices of sugar, molasses, and carryover sugar stocks.

The cost of revenue was posted at Rs. 11.75 billion, up by 54% as compared to Rs. 7.63 billion in the same quarter last year, taking the gross profits to Rs. 1.45 billion as compared to Rs. 538 million.

The company’s administrative expenses stood at Rs. 331.83 million as compared to Rs. 208.20 million, showing an increase of 59.50%. Other income has increased to Rs. 81.38 million against Rs. 79.76 million.


Milk Company Fined Rs. 35 Million for Deceptive Marketing

Due to higher interest rates, the finance cost of the company has increased by 18.56% to Rs. 877.53 million as compared to Rs. 740.14 million.

As per the financial results, the company’s earnings per share stood at Rs. 2.32 compared to a loss per share of Rs. 5.91.

The Sugar Division comprises three sugar mills units, JDW Unit-I , JDW Unit-II and JDW Unit-III in the districts of Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki.


It is one of the largest groups in the sugar sector and contributes approximately 15-17% of the country’s sugar production. It is also managing Sugarcane Corporate Farms over an area of 24,000 acres in Punjab and Sindh.

At the time of filing this report, JDWS’s shares at the bourse were trading at Rs. 350, up by Rs. 11.12 or 3.28% with a turnover of 400 shares on Tuesday.


  • Zardari has 27 sugar mills in Sindh and Shareef family has 8 in Punjab. Jahangeer Tareen only has 3. Not mentioning Zardari’s or Shareef’s profits indicate where did the LIFAFA go. You are just doing what every other LIFAFA sahafee is doing.

  • He made everything by eating the country .
    The poor do not have one time bread.But all these are robbers But none of these love of country.

  • Bashing some for success and been in power does not mean he/she has ponder nation wealth, every company/mill has to do what’s best for them, why don’t share profit before in power why only after in power ? loss/profit happens regardless of in or out of power and i am not PTI Supporter just clearing facts

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