Islamabad Extends Ban on Housing Schemes, Firearms & More

Islamabad city administration has extended the ban on launching new housing societies by two more months.

According to the official notification, the district magistrate took the decision after it was brought to light that some housing societies, trusts, limited companies, and groups are operating against the law.

These entities draw the attention of the general public by publishing advertisements for new housing societies in newspapers and magazines, the notification read.

Some of these entities either accept memberships for more than the available land at or if they have no land whatsoever.

As a result, this practice gives rise to exposition, forgery, disputes, law and order situations, and a large number of petitions in courts.

Therefore, the ban on the launching of new housing schemes has been extended for a period of two months, the notification stated.

Other Significant Decisions

The ICT administration has also extended the ban on carrying and displaying firearms for another two months. No person except officials from the law enforcement agencies is allowed to carry and display firearms.

Moreover, the administration has also decided to extend the ban on manufacturing, sale, and purchase of fireworks within the jurisdiction of the capital in addition to banning the extraction of stones through explosives as it disturbs the public peace.

Laal Masjid Standoff

Islamabad’s administration and Laal masjid clerics have been at a standoff for some time now.

Keeping the situation in view, the district administration has imposed a ban on the gathering of five or more people, carrying out demonstrations, and rallies in the capital.

Usage of loudspeakers except for Azaan and Friday sermon has also been proscribed by the administration.

The administration has banned the use of a digital medium to record and disseminate sectarian-related speeches. It has also outlawed the distribution of pamphlets and wall chalking.

Via: Dawn

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